In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers  dated 07.10.1999 and numbered 99/13517 and the decision of the Executive Committee Of Higher Education dated 07.03.2000, our school was established as a unit affiliated with Gazi University and since 2000-2001, it has been approved to open the Department of Physical Education Teaching and take 50 students to start education.

But after, it came into force to publish on official newspaper dated 17.03.2006 and numbered 26111, the name and connection was changed by the law dated 01.03.2006 and numbered 5467 and it was renamed as Ahi Evran University School of Physical Education and Sports, as of now; it continues the education at the campus of Bağbaşı as the Departments of Physical Education Teaching, Coaching Education and Sports Management.

In our school; there are 6 classes, 6 amphitheatres, one computer laboratory, 10 administrative offices and 16 offices that are belong to the instructors.

In our school; there is one conference room, 2 meeting rooms and one canteen. The language of the school of Physical Education and Sports is turkish and the period of study is 4 years. (8 terms) Those who completed the 4 years programme are awarded with a bachelor’s degree.